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Keep Me Runnin
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"Keep Me Runnin" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Randy Stonehill
Album- Until We Have Wings

keep me runnin' from the shadow of my lies
like a gypsy who is never satisfied
once you compromise your soul
you spend a lifetime dodging the devil's toll
but you keep me runnin'
keep me coverin' up my tracks
keep me runnin' so i'm always looking back
always restless in my dreams
and trouble's never too far behind it seems
keep me runnin'
keep me movin'
keep me always on the go
keep me makin' sure my footprints never show
keep me runnin'
keep me movin'
keep me numb from head to toe
keep me hiding where my past will never go
keep me runnin' from the sins i can't erase
like an outlaw with a mask to hide his face
once i was told that love could fly
yeah, but it's been so long that i
just don't remember why
keep me runnin'
keep me runnin'
keep me runnin'

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