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K Car  - Nodes Of Ranvier

Is it just a car or is it so much more?It's a superstar with the gas to the floor.Zero to sixty in remarkable time.It's the automobile that's top of the line.We got a k car on the road of life.We're gonna get far if the . . .
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K9  - Embodyment

hold this sanity within your handsdemons tease and migrate, soar on wingsbut you my guardian angel pull me throughstay, darling - giving up, giving in, kiss your lovernylon barricades and window soulred cross meetings da . . .
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K517  - Tourniquet

(Instrumental) . . .
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Abdijah  |  View Lyrics

Kaikki kipuni  - Terapia

no niinkuka laittoi nimensä siihen paperiinsiihenjolla serotoniinitasoani laskettiinahaaeikö siis job ollutkaanainoakoekappale laatuaankaikki kipunikaikki kipunikaikki kipunino niinmiksi jälleen yksi syytön s . . .
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Kaikki ok  - Terapia

kaikki on ok minulla on tavoitteitatop vaatteet on kavereitapystyn niin paljon pelaamaanenemmän kuin oikeasti tarvitsenkaanmutta tunteissa mullon jotain vikanaei tunnu miltään vaikka pitäis sattua sikanaauta . . .
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Kaipaan - Terapia

liian kauan poissa luotasi taasliian kauan ilman suudelmaaeihän sota ei rauha meitä saa erottaajoka sekunti tuoksusi sun muistanjoka minuutti sanasi talletanjoka tunti kilometrejä renkaat jauhaa en saa mielenrau . . .
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Kaleidoscope  - GS Megaphone

hey won't you cast a smile my way? or do i remind you of the things you used to say? what can't you remember? and why can't i forget? the promises you made are now the words that you regret (chorus)but you can't see thro . . .
GS Megaphone  |  View Lyrics

Kalhöun  - Daniel Amos

It's the magic word they claim, came down from ancient BabylonWhen the tower of Babel crumbled, and the language was all wrongThe natives were confused and yet, they understood one wordNow it's on display in a mall museu . . .
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Kamakazi - Sacred Warrior

I`m on the outside looking at the insideThe pain of this world fills my headA rich man passes and shrugs at the poor manAnd says he made his own bedDon`t believe him, he`ll use the power to push you aroundDon`t receive h . . .
Sacred Warrior  |  View Lyrics

Kamikaze - Five Iron Frenzy

i'm going in (1,2,3 and go)like a kamikaze (like geronimo)a leap of faith (and i finally feel alive)3, 2, 1 i'm going ini don't know if it's just mebut it seems that things aren't changingevery day is pretty much the sam . . .
Five Iron Frenzy  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Kamikaze Baby  - House Of Heroes

up the stairs and down the your door and through your wall.sorry that i never called you. so please come to your window.i've been throwing rocks all night. i must be crazy.i never thought it would come to . . .
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Kansas City  - Roadside Monument

honey curvature dipped deeply to definethe mixture rehashed...never seen through the fracturecost bearing witness protectionhold it now, you told me somaybe you will, maybe i willwho can ever definethis forever may be yo . . .
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Kaptain Krude  - Galactic Cowboys

Sailing on the ocean stewedFeel asleep while steering...Kaptain Krude!Had a bit too much of the brewThere is a rock approaching...Kaptain Krude!Into the crystal water spewedA liquid devastation...Kaptain Krude!Spilling b . . .
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Karamu  - Ramiyah

KARAMU (back to top)(Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Na kunibubujikia)(Mbingu)Oh, send Your rainTunavyomsifu Bwana, AleluiaTunavyombariki jina lake, AleluiaTwakuabudu mtakatifuTwakuobudu walio wa . . .
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Karamu  - Rudolph McKissick

KARAMU (back to top)(Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Na kunibubujikia)(Mbingu)Oh, send Your rain…Tunavyomsifu Bwana, AleluiaTunavyombariki jina lake, AleluiaTwakuabudu mtakatifuTwakuobudu walio . . .
Rudolph McKissick  |  View Lyrics

Karaoke Superstars  - Superchick

Turn up the car radio We can be karaoke superstars Doesn't matter what they think When we're driving in my car If we don't think about it Red rover red rover please let me come over Who made you queen for a day A . . .
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Kari Says We're Not Teen Heartthrobs  - Names Without Numbers

raise the curtains high and watch as they performwooden men on strings a struggle to conformthe craftsman never planned to build them in this wayallowing other puppets to cast them in their playsit's hard without directi . . .
Names Without Numbers  |  View Lyrics

Karrionic Hacktician  - Vomitorial Corpulence

Carcassile Mutilator , Skin ripped from the bone Cadaveric Eviscerator , Hacked flesh and cartlige Corpual truncater ,severed muscles and arteries Karrionic Hacktician , your dead to cadaveric desires Carnial Butcher , T . . .
Vomitorial Corpulence  |  View Lyrics

Karakasa no hone wa Bara bara Kamya yaburete mo Take ni sotaru En ja mo Mis're nasaru na Nambo watashi ga Yaburete mo Us'te shon shon Translation of Japanese: The ribs of the umbrella Have fallen apart; The paper is also . . .
Anathallo  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Kathleen Barbra  - Zao

Mother I have a gift for youIt's the only thing I can offerAll you know is entropyStill you shine as the sunriseBut inside I can hear your spirit dieYour spirit dies from the insideYour spirit dies from the inside . . .
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Katie  - Dennis Leonard

Fell into a dream again, wish the dream would never ever end Met an angel with eyes the deepest blue I've ever seen Just wish it wasn't a dream She took me away and we flew across the skies This angel looked familiar, a . . .
Dennis Leonard  |  View Lyrics

Katie Baby  - House Of Heroes

if you so much as say my name into a phonethat you dialed for my home i'll come running back again.if you so much as entertain the thought of usthat you had while riding bus i'll coming running back again.katie baby you . . .
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KatieLynn  - Youth For Christ

Katie-Lynn, you've always lived your life out loudYou know that's something I have always loved you forKatie-Lynn, this one has brought you to the groundKatie-Lynn, we all feel we've let you downKatie-Lynn, I am unsure . . .
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KäpplÃ¥ten  - Pantokrator

He spoke light was born,by its beams was darkness torn.Creator of earth and heavenly realmmy poor soul you overwhelm.You gave the breath of life,you broke my pride.I came to life and my sin died.You spoke, light was born . . .
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Not Included . . .
Kekal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Keep Falling In Love  - Hillsong United

Light to men Love of God Healing for the wounded heart Like a child quiet my soul Hear Your voice surround me Lord Jesus, hold me into Your heart Into Your heart Lord my soul delights And I know You hear my prayer Take . . .
Hillsong United  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Keep Givin Me  - Brian Littrell

So many reasons to be thankful So many blessings that I can't repay And I never would've made it here without You Sending angels to guide me on my way You keep givin' me joy You keep givin' me happiness You . . .
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Keep In Touch  - Dogwood

ow come you hate me for the same things that you do? You didn't mean to but somehow the hatred grew. Now your bailin', leavin' me here in the lurch, I might not show it but inside it really hurts! Why is it fair that you . . .
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Keep Me  - The American Culture eXperiments

Left to negotiate with no sense of knowingWhen freedom over truth has triumphedFree to be lost and disconnectedGiven as much value as free things often areKeep me close to you. Don't let me be aloneDiscarded but not over . . .
The American Culture eXperiments  |  View Lyrics

Keep Me Runnin' - Randy Stonehill

keep me runnin' from the shadow of my lies like a gypsy who is never satisfied once you compromise your soul you spend a lifetime dodging the devil's toll but you keep me runnin' keep me coverin' up my tracks . . .
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Keep Me Up At Night  - Squad FiveO

All this talking has turned dangerousOh you speak so many languagesYou could be spilling out your heartAnd I wouldn't understand at allYou know you got me thinking I should be swallowing my prideBut is it pride or the ch . . .
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Keep My Heart  - Jeff Deyo

Nothing left but these piecesNothing here except my broken lifeAll I offer is all I haveI lay my life beneath your throneKeep my heartI give it to you, LordAs I offer mineWill you give me yours?Keep my heartTill the clos . . .
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Keep Oil In Your Lamp  - Rudolph McKissick

Rudolph McKissick  |  View Lyrics

Keep On Driving - Fred Hammond

Keep on driving, you're almost there You can smell the sea salt in the airKeep on singing those beautiful songsThey will keep you company when the ride gets longThere may be nobody there when you arriveThere may be no b . . .
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Keep On Making A Way  - New Direction

Keep On Making A Way(written by Jeral Gray)(recorded by Reed's Temple Choir and also The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir)Verse:Keep on making a wayover and over again.You're always bringing me outover and over again.Lord, You . . .
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