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Y Can't Da Homies Hear me  - Gospel Gangstas

my dog concocked the blues it was just last Friday they told me about the news i swings my feet up out my bed into my house shoes its Saturday morning, no yawnin, strictly mournin i do's my high jeans on, my dickies, . . .
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Y2k  - Shout

Y2K is coming the way anydayand you know it just won't do, no wayDO you believe everything that you readDo you believe it's trueThey say dear boy you'd better say your prayersI say I already doThe clock'a runnin' down on . . .
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Ya Mama Palm Springs Demo  - Payable On Death POD

What you know about that fallen, fallenBabylon this so called great deadwait, Dread bout to update the death rate in one takeMake no mistake we the real dealaThe radical natural born wig-splitterGonna getcha, with the st . . .
Payable On Death POD  |  View Lyrics

Ya' Don't Say  - Glenn Kaiser Band

child, you don't say muchmaybe ain't got much to sayyou sing about boys and girlsseem to like bein' up on the stageperhaps just a little too youngmaybe just a bit afraidor maybe it's a case of fantasy thrillmaybe just wa . . .
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Ya'll Can't Win  - UNKNOWN

I'm so dope I'm impressing myselfChallenging rappers of my status dogg is bad for your healthIt's like swallowing rat poison straight of the shelf Or slitting your wrist then changing ya mindBut ain't no one around to h . . .
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Yahweh  - Teramaze

Lord drain all sin and wrongdoings in my lifereduce me from this world set my soul afire for youso that everyone can see you in mereduce meenslave mecleanse meso I may grow in you . . .
Teramaze  |  View Lyrics

Yahweh Love  - Petra

I hear music coming from heaven Singing a new song in my direction I hear the melody, heavenly symphony Feelings coming over me Sets me spirit free I feel like I've been born all over again Like a songbird in the canyon . . .
Petra  |  View Lyrics

Yamiso  - America Gomorrah

Why am I so Weak, when I want to be strong?Selfish, when I want just to give?Dirty, when I long to be clean?Blind, when I know how to see?Why am I so?Because I am soNo worse than me, you can't denyThe Chief of Sinners am . . .
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Yamkela - Blindside

Wasted, disposable dying scumTwo months tops before silence replace your small beating drumIsnâ€➢t that what weâ€➢re all waiting forSo we can go home and celebrate our good lifeBut I feel gu . . .
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Yanni Depp  - The Chariot

Blank stare. Smile, with teeth exposed. Novocain. All we are, are crocodiles. Black out. Blessed we come and blessed we go. But this world is full of white teeth and black lungs. The skin bares no scar, but it is gray. Y . . .
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Yeah  - Kings X

I hate the world because of you,The blame is my mistake. Yeah.. Present company decline,An aura void of truth. Yeah.. Please forgive me for my attitudeI'm choosing to stay on my sideLive with an addict you pick up a habi . . .
Kings X  |  View Lyrics

Year 3000  - Jonas Brothers

One day when I came home at lunchtime I heard a funny noise Whet out to the back yard to find out if it was One of those rowdy boys stood there with my neighbor called Peter And a flux capacitor He told me he built a tim . . .
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Yearbook Signing Party  - In Reverent Fear

angel, will you accept my midnight invitation. you're born of perfection, yeah, misplaced and torn. funny how you show me the pictures of last minutes you waited for. "i thought this was it, i guess i was wrong." on frid . . .
In Reverent Fear  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yellow Dress Locked Knees  - The Chariot

Making your way to the front of a crowded room.Pointing.Life: make mine clean, and swing wide, sweet chariot.Perfection, done right.¿Puedes desirme si este mundo estoy cambiando?Esta es la realidad que tu quieres que . . .
The Chariot  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yellow Skies  - The Choir

Before you kill me, honey, recognizeI'm your one way tumblin' rideThrough yellow skiesI'm your sunshine truckin' manI'm doin' everything I canTo realize the yellow skies(I wanna go with you to heavenI wanna drink you lik . . .
The Choir  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yellow Spider  - mewithoutYou

we took the twine we used to useto tie up tight our tattered shoestwisted twigs and crooked crossa necklace for the deeply lostBuilder with the broken bricksMother to the baby chicksYou made this world to look so niceI w . . .
mewithoutYou  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

YellowHaired Monkeys  - The Choir

I hope you're glad to be where you're at I don't mind living where we are It's a suitable climate A fine habitat for the yellow-haired monkeys in the yard Yellow-haired monkeys in the yard A friend of mine, ya now he's f . . .
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Yes  - Stavesacre

couples gather on the street no way they notice me but i watch them walk together and it reminds me of nights when everyone was gone and i ended up alone nights that were unsafe to hope for anything lately i have noticed . . .
Stavesacre  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yes God Is Real  - Fred Hammond

Yes God Is Real(written by Kenneth Morris)(arranged by Minister Timothy Britten)(recorded by Minister Timothy Britten & The Shabach Praise Co.)Verse:There are some things I may not know,there are some places that I can't . . .
Fred Hammond  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yes God Is Real  - Tye Tribbett

Yes God Is Real(written by Kenneth Morris)(arranged by Minister Timothy Britten)(recorded by Minister Timothy Britten & The Shabach Praise Co.)Verse:There are some things I may not know,there are some places that I can' . . .
Tye Tribbett  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yes He Loves Me  - Phil Keaggy

Yes He Loves Me(written by Nate McNair)(recorded by Joe Pace & The Colorado Mass Choir)Chorus 1:I don't know why Jesus loves me, I don't know why'And I don't know why He cares'Whenever I need a strong tower,a strong to . . .
Phil Keaggy  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Yes He Will  - Rudolph McKissick

I will live and not dieFor every need there is supplyFor the Savior says just ask And believe that you receiveIf you ask the impossibleWon't He do it somebody say?CHORUSYes He willYes He willOh yes He willFrom deep in d . . .
Rudolph McKissick  |  View Lyrics

Yes I Believe - Point Of Grace

When I said that I would follow It was with an honest heart But I didn't fully understand the cost 'Cause there are saints throughout the ages And there are those today Who show us what it really means to carry the . . .
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Yes I Will  - Bebo Norman

In the passion of Your sacrifice I saw the prophecy fulfilled The Healer of the world, the wounded Christ I heard You say, come follow me So I will, yes I will Follow You Jesus, all the way up that hill Follow . . .
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Yes To Your Will  - Bishop Leonard Scott

Yes to your will o lord I’ll wait until o lord you say Lord just have your way. Lord you are my guiding light only your way is right o Lord, Lord just have your way and my soul saysYes to willYes to wayYes I’ll obeyY . . .

Yes To Your Will  - Joe Pace and The Colorado Mass Choir

Yes To Your Will(recorded by Georgia Mass Choir)VerseYes to Your will, yes to Your waymy soul says yes.In the morning, yes in the eveining,my soul says yes.Yes everyday, I've learned to say yescome what may, my soul say . . .

Yes To Your Will  - Shekinah Glory Ministry

(originally typed and submitted by Longfingers)Yes To Your Will(recorded by T.M. Mass Youth Choir)Chorus:Yes, to Your will Lord,yes, to Your way.Yes, to Your word Lord,yes, all the way.Verse:Lord, I surrender, thats why . . .

Yes You Have  - Leeland

Every tree and every stone Every rushing wind that moans They sing Your praise My God, they sing Your praise Every star and open sky Tell of Your glory divine They shout Your praise They shout Your praise, yeah Youve sto . . .
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