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SFRH  - System Breakdown

I was one. I was I'm falling.burst my soul.into pieces.great divorce.need to find fires source.gotta find now gotta burst - feel me feel me taste my thirst.overloading every vein - simply scare away the . . .
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SMC  - Project 86

Big business ain't easyI'm sure you'd agreeEspecially when the product is eternity-To stay one step ahead we must achieveAnd turn this holy templeInto a factoryIs there anywhere you can runTo hide from these thieves? -Ca . . .
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SMC  - Project 86

Big business aint easy Im sure youd agree Especially when the product is eternity- To stay one step ahead we must achieve And turn this holy temple Into a factory Is there anywhere you can run To hide from these thieves? . . .
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SOS  - Rez

When I was just a kid I tought everyone was trueHow 'bout youI'd stand up in schoolWith a hand in my heartHow true - trought an' troughtThere goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.All of my da . . .
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S/S  - Deuteronomium

murderkillinglustywillingstealingrapingfamilybreakingfistfacesmashingnastybashinglyingfakingviolenttakingsin - more than actions, more than thoughtssin - more than feelings, more than wordssin is what i am - my naturesti . . .
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Sabbath - POD

Instrumental. . . .
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Sac Of Religion - 16 Horsepower

I'm a rompin' dead boy on a long roadWhat opened up my eyes to thisI'm just trying to keep 'em closedHey feller what ya got in that sacIs it somethin' fer me? A little knowin' is a dangerous thing boyPlease take it from . . .
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Sacred  - Jill Phillips

It’s the cliched writing on the wall Funny how it’s been there all along And all the while you’ve listened to Anyone who had a point of view on what you should do The liars in your head are growing lou . . .
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Sacred Fire  - Fred Hammond

Fire of separation Fire of sacrifice Fire of purifying heat Burned on rocky altars Through the ancient nights Now that fire's burning deep in me My heart is the altar I am the priest My life's the only sacrifice The sac . . .
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Sacred Trust  - Petra

You never tried to win more secular appeal And water down Your message with a slightly different feel You never tried to be politically correct Or skirt around the issue attempting to connect You spoke the truth in love . . .
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Sacrifice  - Bishop Leonard Scott

God of Glory, God of Might King of Heaven, Lord of Light Though my ways are less than wise I come to praise You Jesus, Master, Savior, Friend Your mercy seems to have no end And though all I have to bring is sin I come . . .

Sacrifice  - Saint

Mark 15:9-11 9 Do you want me to release for you the King of the Jews? 11 But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to ask him to release Barabbas for them instead. WAS BORN A VIRGIN CHILD, TO FULFILL PROPHECY GOD IN A . . .
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Sacrifice  - William Murphy

Sacrifice by Kierra Kiki Sheard(feat. Karen Clark-Sheard)[Kierra: Daughter] I will never forget this man name Jesus He died for you and me on Calvary He paid the price so I am free for life And which we called a sacrific . . .
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Sacrifice Of Praise  - Dorinda ClarkCole

We offer the sacrifice of praise We offer the sacrifice of praise We offer the sacrifice of praise We offer the sacrifice of praise From our lips we bless you with our praise we raise you From our lips we bless you with . . .
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As I seek youLet me find youAs I search for youWith all my heartAs I praise youLet me know youLet me love your waysAnd trust your heartDon't let my heart be hardenedDon't let my words be insincereFill me to overflowingAs . . .
Jeff Deyo  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Sacrificed  - Overcome

For me, you were mocked and cursed by menFor me, you were beaten and bled end to endFor me, you were torn and hung on a treeFor me, you died so i might be free.SacrificedBlood, you sweat drops of blood.Pain, you endured . . .
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Sacrificial  - The Awakening

Now the last ten steps in silenceHis cause upon His shoulders's strengthFeel the burning weight of darknessWeight of Sacrificial DeathLacerated, torn and jadedDressed in cloaks of mockeryThe Jury's cries as Pilate turned . . .
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Sad And Guilty Ways  - Kids In The Way

This is my final resting place, I'm never gonna let my hands wander free This will be my unchanging phase You're never gonna see my sad and guilty ways again Time and time I find That my words will never reach you if I c . . .
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Sad Clown  - Deitrick Haddon

Say how's the weather, so I look out the window To brighten my soul, but I can't control the rain That keeps falling Smile on the outside that never comes in A comedy, mystery, irony, tragedy So I scream "let the s . . .
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Sad Machines - Project 86

An ageless question, universalThey're asking whyCreation destined cries flood the night in painThey say if You are real then take it awayBut man will only look to You lying on his faceNow we lie awakeWith shut eyesSo to . . .
Project 86  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Sad Semester  - TwoThirtyEight

I feel myself getting sick, when summer ends and school begins. Oh how the desks begin to dig in my back. A sad semester encroaches. All the teachers and the coaches weren't tolerant of individuals who made up their own . . .
TwoThirtyEight  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Sad Song  - Shaun Groves

Theres always music in my mind Orchestrations for my life Oh this symphony sometimes Plays like a sad song, sad song September morning on my couch Trembling hand across my mouth Watching life go down in flames I sang a s . . .
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Sadder Day  - Fleming

You like to eat your grits with butter salt and sugarYou drink your coffee instant and blackI always loved the fact but thought that it was so peculiarHow you carried everything you owned in the back seatof your 1983 can . . .
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Sadie Hawkins Dance  - Relient K

All the girls in the bathroom talking.Who they gonna take to the Sadie Hawkins?My ears are burning but I kept on walking.Smile on my face and an air guitar rocking.Sadie Hawkins Dance, in my khaki pants.There's nothing b . . .
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Safe  - Lynn Baird

Here I am alone with You Quietly I talk to You You said the truth would set me free So here I am surrendering I know I can let Your promise be my hope And I know until You take me home I'm safe, safe 'cause You love me S . . .
Lynn Baird  |  View Lyrics

Safe And Sound  - DC Talk

No more boarding up my windows So that I can lay lowNobody's homeNo more trying to run away fromTired of being afraid of What I can't controlThe hardest part I'm always toldIs letting goSafe and sound knowing that you'r . . .
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Safe And Sound  - MercyMe

No more boarding up my windows So that I can lay low Nobody's home No more trying to run away from Tired of being afraid of What I can't control The hardest part I'm always told Is letting go Safe and sound knowing that . . .
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Safe Haven  - Project 86

I'm just a stranger here, despite your everythingI'm not attached to your world of diseaseLike father always said, and I can only agreeSon they will hate you because they always hated meAnd even though I feel aloneI know . . .
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Safe In The Cradle  - Halo Friendlies

how long will i go onturning my back and closing my eyeswishing you were here but pretending you're deadit's not so bad here in mediocratyno one expects much of mebut i think of you and your thoughts of mei hurt so badly . . .
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