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R U Sure About That  - ZOEgirl

Chorus: Can you try to hide what's in your heart What's on your mind Can you carry on like nothing's wrong Go on and on? Are you sure about that? You've been pushed, you've been shoved You've been left and unloved Oh, w . . .
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RIP  - Trouble

Looking through the window of destiny casement open to the skies - no more lies Rosemary nods upon the grave could`ve been saved from the garden of the brave she cries Rest in peace Soft may the worms about him creep nev . . .
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Raade  - Antestor

instrumental. . . .
Antestor  |  View Lyrics

Race Is On  - William Murphy

Words:Deborah D. Smith Music: Michael W. Smith Got our feet on a narrow road Got our eyes on the one who will be our goal And our brothers at our side If we stumble we won't fall If we miss the mark He'll be there after . . .
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Rachel's Song  - Side Walk Slam

growing up side by side you were always there a listening ear a shoulder to cry on now life takes us separate ways trust in Him, He will guide your path facing trials together we were strong my sister, my friend you are . . .
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Radiate - Fleming

I've got this feeling that I can't containbeing with youis like winning the publisher's clearing house sweepstakeslike a snow day and I get to sleep as lateas I want to you knowyou turn me into gooyou radiatewarm fuzzy f . . .
Fleming  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Radiate - Kierra Sheard

Jesus it's a beautiful dayI'm so deep in your mercy, I could swim in your graceLord the only thing I want to sayRadiate in meI'm falling in love with youI'm falling in love with youJesus I want nothing moreThan to radia . . .
Kierra Sheard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Radical - Mammuth

I'm gonna give you some angerComing straight form my heartI've had enough nowI don't even know where to startTo tell you why my heart do cryWhen I see all the damage caused by my brothers in faithYou make up rules you bu . . .
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Radical - Noiz

Noiz  |  View Lyrics

Radio Freedom - The Dingees

Hear the sound of the drum Radio freedom Hear the crack of the gun Radio freedom See them back up against the wall Radio freedom See them down can't you hear them call Radio freedom I don't wanna turn my vote I'd much ra . . .
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Radio Man  - Fighter

Lull me with your sweet words, tell me everything is fine / Won't you be my friend, 'cause friends are hard to find / Wrap me up your happy world, please don't let me go / I need your voice to heal me, no one really know . . .
Fighter  |  View Lyrics

Radio Plays  - OC Supertones

All down the AM and all up the FM dailTired of hearin' songs about nothin at all Beauty thats skin deepLove that comes so cheapTHere sing so pretty bout nothin at allAll day long I hear the same 5 songs and the words goB . . .
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Raegoul - Vengeance Rising

In a split second of time, I realize it is over at least that is this lifeAnd in my mind, where ever it was, I rolled it overHow had I lived? And what had I done with my life in Christ?Just then a smile came in, to the h . . .
Vengeance Rising  |  View Lyrics

Rage of Creation - Rob Rock

The war machine is on the looseMile after mile we tread for youWe cross the land and sea and we journey through the nightWe're never turning back; we'll never give up the fightLiving on the edge of life come fly away wit . . .
Rob Rock  |  View Lyrics

Raging Fire  - Seventh Avenue

Until now I have been running through my lifeThoughtless, careless no one reasons with meFor what? I am a king, I will never careI will force you on your knees, drive up the wallBe mine today, bow down and kiss my assGo . . .
Seventh Avenue  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rail  - Poor Old Lu

Jesus tie these handsI used to thinkthat every thing I touchedturned goldbut it don'tit turns coldand reason guides this manlike spring, and falland wind to sandI sway, I sway,I cannot standwhat do I do,when it seems I r . . .
Poor Old Lu  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rail Road  - Mortal

this soul of mineis looking forward to the timewhen i can watch the turn of yearsresemble something bright and cleari'll take the busi'll pay the farei'll ride the wheels that take me thereuntil your arms are holding mei . . .
Mortal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain  - Norman Hutchings

Rain(based on Joel 2:23)by Judith Christie-McAllisterWritten by Judith McAllisterAlbum: In His Presence LiveRain, rain on meLike the dewRain, rain on meLike the dewReign, reign in meLike the dewReign, reign in meLike th . . .
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Rain  - Phil Keaggy

Verse 1:I can hear Your voice calling meTelling me that I have work to doEven though I know that I'm not worthyBut I'm willing Lord, whatever You sayChorus:Rain downOh, rain downOh, rain down on meOh, oh, rain downOh, r . . .
Phil Keaggy  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain  - Richard Smallwood

Rain falls so hard, I can't sleep at nightYou look so right, so how could I fightYou will be there, because you always caredLove is my friendWhere were you, when I needed youYou were thereI fall to my kneesThat's when I . . .
Richard Smallwood  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain  - The Awakening

I need to know all the truths behind the liesI need to show the guilt that is inside meTry to grow, a little sun and rain to dieTry to grow, apart from this escapingActions for the wordsLinear toucheActions killed the fi . . .
The Awakening  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain All Day  - Fleming

We've got nothing but tomorrow to keep us in todayAnd we walk around in circles like everything's okayIt's just a phase, you're in a daze, maybe a melancholy dayDon't try to fight, what's wrong is right, it's just a mela . . .
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Rain Dance  - Rez

Talkin' to myselfIdea and images covered with dustMemories well-worn from contant useStained by loneliness and lustHeaping on my heart abuseSomebody tell meWhat's the use?Wet-walking in streaming rainHair stuck to my hea . . .
Rez  |  View Lyrics

Rain Down  - Delirious

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavyFeels like the winds are gonna changeBeneath my feet, the earth is readyI know its time for heaven's rain, it's gonna rainIt's gonna rain, againCos it's living water we desireTo flood . . .
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Rain Down  - Jerry Washington

Rain Down(recorded by Alvin Slaughter) Rain Down, Rain DownLet Your power fall, let Your voice be heard,As You change our hearts, as we stand on Your word,Rain Down, Rain DownLet Your power fall, let Your voice be heard . . .
Jerry Washington  |  View Lyrics

Rain Down On Me  - Point Of Grace

Showers of sadness flood my soul In the dryness of my pain I watch for the rainbow When my heart turns gray As I long for yesterday I know that I need You In the times that I stray So I'll follow like night after . . .
Point Of Grace  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain Of Your Mercy  - Natalie Wilson

(Gary Sadler, Steven V. Taylor)I see the clouds out on the horizonI feel the wind blowin' in my faceI hear the sound of a rollin' thunderI know a storm is about to breakIt's the rain of Your mercyIt's the rain of Your m . . .
Natalie Wilson   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Rain On  - Brothers Keeper

Say an old man with a cane, his hair was silver-grey Used to have good friends, now he misses them Winter comes to every life, ‘cause springtimes have to fade Seasons have to change, it is nature’s way No . . .
Brothers Keeper  |  View Lyrics

Rain On Me  - Jerry Washington

Rain On Me(written by Alex Williams)(recorded by Byron Cage)Chorus:You are King of all Kings, Lord above all, God of my praise, You are my song.I'll praise you with my every breath,glorious God, in You I rest.Verse 1:Gr . . .
Jerry Washington  |  View Lyrics

Rain On Us  - Ramiyah

Rain On Us Chorus 1:God of mercy, God of love,rain on us from heaven above.(repeat)Verse:Hallelujah is the highest praise,in advance we praise You for Your rain.We exalt You for we're not ashamed,we adore and magnify You . . .
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Rain Song  - Day Of Fire

Bring rivers in this wastelandClouds into this skyBring springs of life into the wells that have been run dryRise up in this cityGather in this lightFall down on your peopleYour glory and your lifeRainLord we thirst for . . .
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Rainbow Song  - Lenny Leblanc

If I was a rainbow I'd show my colors for You If I was a songbird I'd sing my song for You And if You take the sun and the moon Take away the stars at night Your faithful Word will always be my light Beautiful such a mi . . .
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Rainbows - Youth For Christ

Phil 2:1-4, Rom 15:5-7 V1Imagine a worldWhere all the boys and girlsNever see the color of skinImagine their eyes When they see what's insideThe beauty and wonder withinWe can see itIf we'll be itChorusOh, I keep on loo . . .
Youth For Christ  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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