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Living to serve the only Kinglife worthy of respect and honorLiving for freedom, justice and all that is goodChoosing death before dishonorNever to attack an enemy unarmedOr tell lies to any manFight with honorDie with h . . .
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TIM  - Galactic Cowboys

Hey! Could ya help, Jenny J.?Gotta problem at homeAnd I don't really know what to do.Oh! The kid's outta controlAnd the ring in the noseAnd the terrible clothes gotta go.And he won't listen to meIs he just to blind to se . . .
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TMBWGMNL - Slechtvalk

The Messias has come upon our earth to bring us a world of peaceThe Savior has won, from the Lord of demonic fallen angelsHe gave us His life, so that we could live for eternity in HeavenTo become immortal you have to le . . .
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Table  - DecembeRadio

go ahead live your life, live your life anyway you please you'll never find peace of mind never find any sanity there'll be no one to blame, there'll be no one to shame but you there'll be no other way you're gonna have . . .
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Table  - Leigh Nash

The table's where my father thanked the Lord for providingThe table's where he sat us down and told us to stop fightingAt the table there were tears, at the table there was laughter.The table's where my mother brought t . . .
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Table For Two  - Caedmons Call

Danny and I Spent anther late night over pancakes Talkin' 'bout soccer And how every man's just the same. We made speculation On the who's and the when's of our futures And how everyone's lonely But still we just couldn' . . .
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Table Of Grace  - Phillips Craig And Dean

Hear the good news, you’ve been invited No matter what others may say, Your darkest sins will be forgiven You will always have a place. At the table of grace the cup’s never empty. The plate’s always fu . . .

Table Top  - Bloodshed

The time pass me by Life changes around Never know my eyes These eyes look to see To be, with you . . .
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Tabletop - Bloodshed

The time pass me by Life changes around Never know my eyes These eyes look to see To be, with yo . . .
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Taboo  - Jason Nelson

For the sake of argumentSay Jerry Springer were the president'No inhibitions' the national themeThere'd still be one thing making Donahue screamTaboo we've come to the lastTaboo there's an audible gaspWhen you claim the . . .
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Taivaallinen Jerusalem  - Oratorio

[translation][Heavenly Jerusalem]It was built before no souls were createdIn advance God wanted you to be there2000 years ago the earth shook“Look; the kingdom of God is among you.â€ÂPeace and joy dominate ther . . .
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Take  - Skillet

Take my strength, take my pride, Take my selfishness away Take my rights, take ambition, Capture me, make me a slave Break the walls, break my bones, Break my hardened heat Rip my rule, rip my will, Rip independency apar . . .
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Take A Flying Leap  - One Bad Pig

The water invitesThe cliff is highPerched on a ledgeAgainst the skyWant to go inYet gripped by fearThe water invitesSo deep and clearChorus:C´mon man! Talk is cheapLeave the cliff behindTake a flying leapDive in!The b . . .
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Take a Bow  - Love is Red

Take a bowYour time is up and I'm glad to watch you goWhat all you've done is run your mouth about how it was back thenBut the scene's alive and I won't let it fade awayJust because you turned your back on what we hadYou . . .
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Take a Chance  - Unshaken

Verse 1:You say you never felt this way beforeIt's like you want to give it up but you're not sureYou feel like you're alone – all by yourselfBut you wouldn't even know with Him on the shelfLie after lie that your . . .
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Take A Flying Leap  - One Bad Pig

The water invites The cliff is high Perched on a ledge Against the sky Want to go in Yet gripped by fear The water invites So deep and clear Chorus: Cmon man! Talk is cheap Leave the cliff behind Take a flying leap Dive . . .
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Take A Hand  - DC Talk

(Chuck Girard)Take a hand, hold it tightLet us feel your love tonightLove is not a thing we always talk aboutBut go on ahead and let your feelin's outClap your hands, sing a songSing a little louder really sing alongLov . . .
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Take A look at yourself - One Bad Pig

Preachin´ on Sunday morningAll the right words are saidBut does the congregationKnow what´s going through your head?Just a few distractionsSome hell you can hidebut the mirror of your heart saysYou just can´t le . . .
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Take A Ride  - Everlife

I don't blame Hollywood I don't blame my neighborhood Big is the bad, nobody has to be sad Let's pick our excuse or keep the one we had No one wants a tragedy Only a remedy [Chorus:] All I wanted (was a second chance to . . .
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Take A Ride  - Fred Hammond

(Spoken dialogue)(Hello?Hey, it's me.Hey, what's up?Uh, me and the boys were gonna go for a ride, downtown or Something. You wanna come?Yeah, I guess.Can we take your car?What?)OhYeah, uh-huhC'mon babyVERSE ONE:Come and . . .
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Take All Of Me  - Rebecca St James

And I love You All of my hope is in You Jesus Christ, take my life Take all of me, yeah All of me You broke the night like the sun Healed my heart with Your great love And any trouble I couldn’t bear You lif . . .
Rebecca St James  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Take Another Look At Me  - Bryan Duncan

I know the things that hurt you by heart I know before the bad feelings start I'm watching how you turn away melting inside And I know you think you'll fix it yourself You think of Me, it scares you away Pretty su . . .
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Take Away  - Fred Hammond

Rid me of the notion that I ever had any rightsCleanse me of the motives that come in such a clever disguiseRuin my agenda, holy as it never wasIt's all from Your handAnd there's nothing that's mineAnd all that You give . . .
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Take Away  - Phil Keaggy

Rid me of the notion that I ever had any rightsCleanse me of the motives that come in such a clever disguiseRuin my agenda, holy as it never wasIt's all from Your handAnd there's nothing that's mineAnd all that You giveY . . .
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Take Care  - Copeland

I'll take care of you.Have faith that when you call my name I'll be there.It was a strait-faced lie I believed.It was a strait-faced lie you would ever leave me.So for now I'll keep believing your words.Soon enough my st . . .
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Take Care Of Me  - Kim Burrell

Verse 1:Cried all night long,And I feel all hope is gone.My world upside down.I'm going round and round.Trying to find peace of mind.Couldn't find love, joy happiness.In a world of sadness.Chorus 1:Where is the light th . . .
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Take Control - Altar Boys

Words and Music by Mike StandI found this song under some newspapers in the garage. It's only GLM and I like it.Well I dig songs that really make me moveWith drums in that back beat hitting the grooveAnd we're gonna take . . .
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Take Cover  - Acceptance

She's a liarIt comes to thisAll we had 'til now is goneAnd I'm the otherPiece to thisEvery time I feel this insideI don't wanna be the one who...Caught youSo take coverNever saw it comin' so you put me on againHad you an . . .
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Take Everything  - With Blood Comes Cleansing

I see His angels rise before me, and His glory shown about, I stand firm in my faith when all else is gone, cause in my weakness I will be made strong. Set yourselves apart; in my name be lifted up. Don't be faithless. T . . .
With Blood Comes Cleansing  |  View Lyrics

Take Heart  - Bryan Duncan

There's a place Only a heart can go And without any word Let your feelings flow There's a voice Only a soul can hear In a cleansing rain Falling soft and clear Come to your troubled waters edge Step in and you'll find me . . .
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Take Hold  - Shawn McDonald

On this journey home I will walk Your road I will not turn 'round For another Make my pathway straight Into heaven's gates I will not turn 'round For another Lord, it's Your renown Your eternal fame That I live for now . . .
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