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Ya Dont Say
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"Ya Dont Say" Lyrics
Artist - Glenn Kaiser Band
Album- Time Will Tell
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child, you don't say much
maybe ain't got much to say
you sing about boys and girls
seem to like bein' up on the stage
perhaps just a little too young
maybe just a bit afraid
or maybe it's a case of fantasy thrill
maybe just wanna get paid
but ya’ don't say much

words are important to you
you like to hold tight to the truth
but fun means more sometimes
it's an interesting habit I find
from the mouth we reveal our heart
and singin' ain't only an art
we need to think about the things we say
life isn't only for play
some folks are so out of touch
because you don't say much
but ya’ sure like to play guitar...

heaven, hell, or this earth
there's somethin' 'bout value and worth
actions speak louder than words
but hidin' God's truth is absurd
no matter what the rational hush
aw ya’ don't say much

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