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Daddys Christmas Eve
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"Daddys Christmas Eve" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Denetria Champ
Album- I Really Love You

Staring at the Christmas tree, I guess I couldn't sleep
The pretty lights hypnotize me and I begin to think
Seems like only yesterday that I was just a boy
Dreaming of a reindeer sleigh and Santa's bag of toys.
A lot of years have slipped on by; a lot of things have changed
But the magic of this special night somehow remains the same
I'm so thankful for my little ones: Oh, how I love them so
I know, God, how you must have felt, on that Christmas long ago.
You must have cried a million tears on that first Christmas Eve
You knew your one and only Son would someday die for me.
Staring out my window, I can see the Christmas star
It seems a little brighter now than it had been before
Help me be the kind of Dad that you would have me be
I guess I'll go on up to bed, thank you, Lord, for Christmas Eve.
I guess I'll go on up to bed, thank you, Lord, for Christmas Eve...

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