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A Blank Page Empire
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"A Blank Page Empire" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Further Seems Forever
Album- How To Start A Fire

Thoughts pass by like a river flow must be hard to keep track where you came from I'd float down stand right next to you but something is causing a lull in the traffic an empire is moving the grass overgrown I'd blow this whole world to pieces to not be alone this shovels been digging all day long can't even seem to make a scratch a scratch in the surface but what is the purpose I'll always be stopped by the why can't I why can't I be you and put those hands away I go through this every day. Sounds like a radio tuned to white noise softer slowly softer can't this thing go any faster and for everyone to see its only killing me. Awake in this cold cell I, I just hope you're happy awake in this cold cell I break my body against the wall awake in this cold cell I am my only devil why can't I be you and put those hands away I go through this everyday. I am my only devil....

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A Blank Page Empire
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