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I Am
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"I Am" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Further Seems Forever
Album- How To Start A Fire

I am the water I am waves crashing on to you I am the blank wave I am the madness the loss the dark the hunt the cage the race. I am rejection I am redemption I am desire for obligation. I am forever but I can be never. If that's what you want I am the desert I am oasis the strength the weakness for arguments sake. I am rejection I am redemption I am desire for obligation. I am one step closer for you. Please tell me when you're through cause I may not be through with you your loss to sustain but I will remain and true to form if this were the last breath I ever took would you take the time to look and would you know. I am the water I am waves crashing on to you, you could protect me but you will kill me when you're through.

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