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Nail Through Hand
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"Nail Through Hand" Lyrics
Artist - Jacks Of All Trades
Album- Give Way
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It was a day like today when my Jesus died
Alone in a cross He was crucified
but three days later He rose from the dead
Went up to the heavens a place for us to set
Ain`t no joke what He did on earth
Laws of nature broke when he told that girl
get up on your feet and walk
cos she`s just asleep not dead like they talk
I see you hanging there
Don`t know whats on your mind
I see you hanging there
Hey J are you alright

How does it feel to take a nail through your hand
How does it feel to carry the sin of man
How does it feel to be the most broken man
How does it feel to take a nail through your hand

How does it feel to see that which You`ve made
turn against You because of so much hate
You looked down on us tears rolled down your eyes
All you saw was death because of all the lies
If I could see what you saw I know I could cry too
that`s why I wanna serve You at least I`ll try to
cos even when I was alone You were there for me
Never left me alone cos You care for me

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