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"Back To You" Lyrics
Artist - Mad at the World
Album- Boomerang
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There once was an ugly old man
And in the way of love he€™d stand
And he wouldn€™t be a friend to anyone except himself
And in the days of the ugly man€™s need
Nobody ever even heard his plead
€˜Cause all the ones who tried to love him
He had chased them all away
Now he knows it€™s true
The ugliness comes back to you

She was holding all her love inside
It was the safest thing to do
€˜Cause if she never let her feelings out she€™d never have to cry
But it€™s a different story now
She took a chance on love somehow
And the man who loves her faithfully
Showed her the reason why
It€™s up to you
The love you give comes back to you

Down on his knees to pray
He didn€™t know really what to say
But he knew things would be different now
Because he had the faith
And now he€™s traveling on a different road
With a peach that he never knew
But if he never had the faith to try
He€™d only wonder why I say to you
The faith you have comes back to you

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