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"Carousels" Lyrics
Christian Artist - mewithoutYou
Album- Catch For Us The Foxes

On a bus ride into town, I wondered Why am I going to town?
I looked around at th e billboards and the stores I thought,
Why do I look around?
so I got out and I bowed and kissed the filthy ground
and in the first dry spot I found I laid down without having to wonder why I was laying down.
Before long I was too cold and so took a bus back to the station
I found a letter left by a pay phone with no return contact information,
it was addressed: To total strangers,
it read like a horn blown by some sad angel
Bunny, it was me who let you down
it was the shyest attempt I'd ever seen at conversation
if I didn't have You as my guide I'd still wander lost in Sinai
counting the plates of cars from out-of-state,
(how I could jump in their path they hurry along!)
until you could surround me, you're pretty but you're all I can see,
like a thick fog - if there was no way into God,
I would never have laid in this grave of a body for so long,
St. Cyril's fair always came through the first week of September
but it's already the 19th and there's no sign of it yet.
I have a hard time remembering the things I should remember
and a hard time forgetting the things I should forget.
Oh Christ when You're ready to come back I think I'm ready for You to come back
but if You want to stay wherever exactly it is You are,
that's okay too - it's really none of my business.
If I didn't have You as my guide I'd still be wandering lost in Sinai
or down by the tracks watching trains go by to remind me:
There are places that aren't here.
I had a well but all the water left so I'll ask Your forgiveness with every breath,
if there was no way into God,
I would never have laid in this grave of a body
So long, dear.

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