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Failure Permitted
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"Failure Permitted" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Opposition Of One
Album- In The Line Of Change

I can't believe that I've failed again,
I've damaged our friendship so many times,
but I will try to change if you still have
some faith in me.

Anyone who hurts an eye, brings tears out
Anyone who hurts a heart brings out some truth.
And anyone who hurts his friend,
destroys the friendship

If I ever said harsh words to you,
or raised my fist against you.
But we haven't lost everything.
I still have this chance to make things right.

If you'll (only) give me that chance.

I still got to know:
No friend will stay at my side, if I call him a fraud,
treat him like dirt, or stab him in the back.
No friend will stay at my side.

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In The Line Of Change by Opposition Of One
In the Line of Change by Opposition Of One

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