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Wait For The Sun
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"Wait For The Sun" Lyrics
Artist - PFR (Pray For Rain)
Album- The Late Great PFR
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Love will always stay
Somewhere in your heart
And hope will never fade
Though at times it will be hard
But lift your head anyway
God's Son is returning
He's bringing brighter days

So wait for the sun to come out again
Storms always come but they blow away with the wind
So wait for the Son is coming again
Winds of trial blow hard
So we've got to hang on
Hang on to Him

Where's the joy you've known
It seems you can't remember
All the fire in your life
Has turned to cold december
But lift your head anyhow
He's won greater battles before
What makes you think He won't fight now?

(chorus 2x)

Let the sun shine
Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in (6x)

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