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Sad Machines
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"Sad Machines" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Project 86
Album- Drawing Black Lines

An ageless question, universal
They're asking why
Creation destined cries flood the night in pain
They say if You are real then take it away
But man will only look to You lying on his face

Now we lie awake
With shut eyes
So to forever forget this

There cries, this agony, injustices, suffering
Symptoms of a larger disease
Inside of me and you and me
So try to close you eyes and make it fade away
But open and you'll see
This stain is you, this stain is me

Now so many wonder why it is
So much has gone awry in all of this
And being makes you sigh that you exist
But you can't escape this
Seemingly undeserved is your lot
But generations past and you forgot
We chose to eat our fill and fell to not
This pain is here reminding us to turn and leave
To come back home

Pointing to show us the way

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Sad Machines
Project 86
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