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A Cold Heart Turns
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"A Cold Heart Turns" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Rebecca St. James
Album- God

Power thunder, lightning bolts
Rushing wind, a waterfall
Babies' cry, a mother's tears
Humming river, rustling leaves

He's calling loud and clearly
He's saying "Won't you hear Me"
We see Him everywhere
And still we roll on by

Winter snow, a fire's warmth
Summer's day a cold heart turns
Peaceful place, a helping hand
Kindly words, a smiling face


He was God but one of us
A king who had a servants heart
Born to die so we might live
His reason was His Father's will


Power thunder, lightning bolts
Rushing wind, a waterfall
Winter snow, a fire's warmth
Summer's day a cold heart turns

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A Cold Heart Turns
Rebecca St. James
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