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"Kamikaze" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Five Iron Frenzy
Album- Cheeses of Nazareth

i'm going in (1,2,3 and go)
like a kamikaze (like geronimo)
a leap of faith (and i finally feel alive)
3, 2, 1 i'm going in

i don't know if it's just me
but it seems that things aren't changing
every day is pretty much the same
with a little rearranging
if i do nothing i can't fail
no blistered hands, no broken nails
killing time, i'm paralyzed
with faded dreams and hollow eyes
i've been waiting for a revelation
for a moment of clarity
conflicts and convolutions
ricochet inside of me
there comes a time for throwing caution to the wind
i feel the pulse again

i'm going in (1, 2, 3 say when)
like a flaming arrow (soaring in the wind)
a leap of faith (and i finally feel alive)
3, 2, 1 i'm going in

i am so slow to commit
i have wasted years on fences
is is really true the shoes don't fit?
is it only my defenses?
what if i don't measure up,
don't listen well, don't smile enough?
alone and unknown up 'till now
need to change direction somehow
i've been open to persuasion
wanting someone to take the lead
it's alittle disconcerting
signing up for eternity
there comes a time for throwing caution to the wind
and so my life begins

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