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Chris's Letter
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"Chris's Letter" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Seventh Day Slumber
Album- Once Upon A Shattered Life

I said that one day I’d be something and everyone would soon be proud of me
I’d sit and watch the day go by and think of all the things I’d like to be
So many of my dreams have gone and now
I’m left with only emptiness
There’s nothing that can make me better,
Nothing that can take away this pain

And I wonder what you’d say if I were gone
Would you cry? Did you even notice something wrong?

I often wonder what’s to live for. I just want this pain to go away
All I have are fading memories, pieces of my broken yesterday
They say every drop of blood meant something
And every ounce He shed was shed for me
Here I am, I’m waiting for You, crying out. I’ve fallen to my knees


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