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Carried Away
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"Carried Away" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Sonicflood
Album- Sonicflood Gold

You are the open door to freedom
You are the only hope I have
The reason in my reason
The only thing that lasts
How could I begin to settle
When all within me longs
To step into the shelter
Of your everlasting arms

I wanna get carried away
I wanna get tossed by your waves
I don't care where or how deep
I'm gonna jump in with both feet
I wanna get carried away
I wanna get lost in your ways
I wanna be held by your truth
I wanna behold all of you
I'm gonna be all yours today
I wanna get carried away

You are the wisdom of the ages
You are the one who stays the same
The power in the wind
The sun left by the rain
How could I begin to make it
If all I had was me
Just take me as I am Lord
And sweep me out to sea.

Some say You're far away
But I know You're here with me
I could go anywhere
And still you'd be there with me
I know You're here with me.

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