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Na Na
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"Na Na" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Superchick
Album- Last One Picked

you're building a case against me,
prosecutor, judge and jury?
we've had this conversation in your head
because i wasn't there you made up what i said
or what i would have said? you know me so well
you've how i am and how i'm going to heaven knows
we've never had this conversation
should i be calling it a condemnation
because your not listening to me

so[na na na na na]
that's all i'm gonna say
[na na na na na]
you've made up you're mind anyways
[na na na na na]
there's nothing i can do
so [na na na na na]
coulddn't we be friends if not for you

i feel like the teacher from charlie brown
all you hear is that wah wah wah sound
maybe i'm a pokemon pikachu
that's what comes out when i'm talking to you
you're a crusader,you've made me your fight
your superhero name is mr. right
instead of trying to understand
you tell all your friends how wrong i am
you're not listening to me

can't we be friends why does it
end before a word is even heard
i look at you, your attitude
why can't you see that it's not me

oops, i did it again, i see
the person i'm talking about is me
assuming you're the enemy
in the crosshairs of my verbal uzi
no matter who wins,we both choose
no matter who starts,we both choose
to keep it going on, and on and on...
but lets start listening and see

chorus 2:
[la la la la la]
[la la la la la]
sorry that it got this way
[la la la la la]
next time i won't let it stew
[la la la la la]
couldn't we start over me and you

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