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Keep Me
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"Keep Me" Lyrics
Artist - The American Culture eXperiments
Album- 2002 - Self-titled
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Left to negotiate with no sense of knowing
When freedom over truth has triumphed
Free to be lost and disconnected
Given as much value as free things often are

Keep me close to you. Don't let me be alone
Discarded but not overthrown
I'm useless, yes it's true
Keep me, fresh and new. Don't make me obsolete
I still have hands to wash your feet
My uselessness is you

I could be worth my weight in labor
I could be worth my death in favors
You could monitor my list of things to do
And you could overlook my anonymous service to you

The sum of my marketable skills
My part in the collective will
Abilities that you would own
And use in ways I don't condone
Produce and receive my meal
Discard me when I fall ill

How can I profit you...
What useful thing can I do?
(Useful, useless to you)

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