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"Waiting" Lyrics
Artist - The American Culture eXperiments
Album- 2002 - Self-titled
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Riots in the streets
Riots for revolution
People on their knees
Praying for revolution

Children overseas
Fighting for revolution
Soldiers cut and bleed
Dying for revolution

Waiting for revolution
To come

Politicians and priests
Fathers of revolution
Businessmen and beasts
Fathers of revolution

The hungry cry and plead
Pleading for redistribution
Change for all in need
Much needed revolution

Waiting for Revolution, Redistribution
Waiting for Consideration, Emancipation
Waiting for Reconciliation, Reallocation
Waiting for Demonstration, Salvation

Lie awake at night
Comfort, too afraid to fight
Eyes not accustomed to sight
Wings not used to flight

Slavery and Abundance coming near
Resisting Revolution
Arrogance and Fear
Death to Revolution

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