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Wachin' My World Walk By
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"Wachin' My World Walk By" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Tyrone Wells
Album- Snapshot

Everyday at the same time
On the corner of third and main
I take my place against the pawn shop window
Waiting for the scene to change

The first time I saw her
Everything started to spin
So back on up boy and hope don't tight
'cause here she comes again

Watchin' my world walkin' by
What I wouldn't give to have her by my side
Watchin' my world, my world walking by

Shes got her eyes like a Sunday in Paris
Legs like midnight in Rome
Smile as warm as the California sun
Settin' on the seaside town


Hey, hey, hey women, please dance
I'm going to step out and stand in her way
And hope that maybe she'll notice me
But tellin' that I'm going to watch, and wait, and see
If she comes again


And down this street
I believe one day she'll be walkin' next to me side
Theyll be watchin' me in my world, walk by
hey hey hey hey

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