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R U Sure About That
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"R U Sure About That" Lyrics
Christian Artist - ZOEgirl
Album- Life

Can you try to hide what's in your heart
What's on your mind
Can you carry on like nothing's wrong
Go on and on?
Are you sure about that?

You've been pushed, you've been shoved
You've been left and unloved
Oh, why do you stay
So many tears that you cry every night
But ya know your life doesnt have to be this way
But you've got hurts deep inside you feel
It's only right that someone should pay
You can't forget all the scars he left on your heart
All the promises he made

You've got to let it out, girl
Got to let it go
You've got to give it up, got to give
it up if you really want to know
The truth about life, girl
The secret of love is living inside you
It's dying to break through the walls around your heart


You've been up, you've been down
You've been all around
You broke all the rules
It was good for a while, you hid behind a smile
But now you're broken and you're bruised
Have you ever considered that life is an invitation for you
To decide in your mind, to accept or decline the reality of truth
You've got to let it out, boy
Got to let it go
Got to give it up, got to give it if you really want to know
The truth about life, boy, the secret of love
You've done it your way for so long, so tell me now
When's enough ... enough


Life's been hard, now don't get me wrong
It's hard to fine someone you can count on
I know that you wanna be strong
But anyone can play it tough
You may have yourself, but is that enough

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