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Fabulous Dramatics
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"Fabulous Dramatics" Lyrics
Christian Artist - 4th Avenue Jones
Album- Stereo: The Evolution Of Hiprocksoul

She used to call me baby Then she stopped calling me at all This girl was kind of shady She hooked up with this fella He pumped her up to get the drawz Now she want me back Im like naw Went mine you go your way Dont stalk and be at my doorway Like Troy you dont get no play Dont call me I dont want no date I got a wife Genuine like Sole Talk about me I dont care so hate Do whatever you want just go away Cause... (Chorus:) I got too much on my mind (I shouldnt be thinking bout you) You take too much of my time (I shouldnt be thinking bout you) Call and you aggravate me (I shouldnt be thinking bout you) Fed up I had it baby (I shouldnt be thinking bout you) I shouldnt be thinking bout you (2x) My ex never listens Shes so dramatic when she calls Got my babys mama trippin When Im in traffic dippin Or if she see me at the mall I act like she aint there at all Those theatrics you do I dont buy when you cry boo hoo Baby Ima do me you do you Dont wanna get back, get that, were through If you sad the store got tissues But I aint finna deal with your issues You aint winning this time so just lose Youre really making me sick as the flu And... (Repeat Chorus) Lil mama understand You cant just call my man Get you another plan Im tired of thinking bout you Dont show up at our home Stay off my telephone Just want to be left alone I shouldnt be thinking bout you You better cut it out Stop crying shut your mouth Give it up let it go He dont want you no mo You need to get a life Got it wrong, get it right Go on, leave us alone Cant let you come and ruin our happy ho

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