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"Unbalanced" Lyrics
Artist - The 77s
Album- EP
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I come with lines, you talk in circles
I own the blues, you rent the color purple
I scream for ice cream, you whisper for wine
You do your life, baby I do my time

I've got time, you've got none
You know all and I know some
I fall short, you stand tall
You conceal and I show it all

I like playgrounds, you love games
I nail things down and you rearrange
You loved early and I love late
You throw the dishes, babe I just clean my plate

repeat chorus

You plant a family, I dig a space
I watch my back while you wash your face
You work for money and I play for fun
Babe you're so inviting but I still can't come

When I think of getting deeper with it baby
You throw on something deep and purple baby
Unlike me diggin' Donnie Lee and the Children of Truth babe
Sit down! Shut up! listen to me go crazy...

repeat chorus twice, substitute last line with:
you conceive and I abort all

repeat chorus

hey, yeah, I show it
yeah, show it- don't blow it
hey- hey- owwwww!
too much baby, alright

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