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Xenos: Movement II
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"Xenos: Movement II" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Aletheian
Album- Apolutrosis

Arduous path; a narrow road of hope amidst an immense world of fear, sorrow, and death. Human instinct to earn a right of passage, to gain through the toil of hands. Foreign concept of grace, hesitance to rest in a debt paid in full, the ultimate sacrifice. Relinquish the desire to control; the shackles have been broken, no longer bound by self-restraint. Rest with confidence in the eternal assurance. Nonetheless, fear strikes with violent force. The unrelenting allure of the pleasures of flesh, infringes on the fortitude of righteousness. Questions, reinforced by the voice of close-minded persecution, feed the tendency of second-guessing, breeding doubt and confusion. Temporal perspective yields finite understanding; dwelling on earthly wisdom, shadowed by perceptions of truth. Reliance on personal strength weakens the foundation of the power of faith. A Holy fire now resides inside, unfathomed potential, power of the Divine. Eternal strength will prevail through lifes trials and travails. Joy is found through struggle, negating despair. Power and majesty and sovereign truth rise above the ashes of this crumbling worl

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