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D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom)
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"D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom)" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Believe
Album- Extraction From Mortality

All the men of Sodom, sin had infested. Rampant wickedness, perverse mortal race. Evil running loose, misleading minds and souls. Vile unrestraint, malignant disgrace. Chorus: "DESOLATION OF SODOM, the heavens poured forth fire. GOMORRAH'S DESTRUCTION, repentance the Lord does require." Lifeless without breath, wood and rock were hewn. Men did idolize,these pagan gods of stone. Heathens disobeyed, defying God's command. But Lot was undefiled, mercy was his alone. Chorus: Devastation of life, brought by God's own might. Eternal punishment, for all with corrupt desires. God despises sin, for the blood shed on the cross. Refines us within, and spares eternal fire. Genesis 19, 2 Peter 2:

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