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"Babies Breath" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Brave Saint Saturn
Album- The Light Of Things Hoped For

Incandescent moon is shining Just for you tonight Shimmering a golden halo Does it follow just beyond your sight? Sigh You're an angel Wanting wings for flight Tonight Baby's breath in the waxing light Glassy seas of blue I will dream of you Let's close our eyes till daylight comes Baby's breath and crysanthemums So beaming blue these dreaming skies In soundless sleep now close your eyes Till daylight Till daylight comes Till daylight Till daylight comes Just close your eyes till daylight comes I keep feeling that the strangest Peace is all around In the speechless, in this quiet Angels never make a single sound Sigh Baby's breath and lilacs so profound Falling down Softest moonlight making garlands Forms the crown Glassy seas of blue I will dream of y

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