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"Back And Forth" Lyrics
Artist - The Lads
Album- Lost At Sea
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Late at night all alone in the bathroom
You€™re freaking out cause you just can't control everything
That happens around you
Set in stone with no proof of validity
Your so-called faith keeps you terrified in anything
That threatens your standing

The eyes of the world, the eyes of the church, the eyes of your peers
The wagging of tongues, whispering shame, upon eager ears

Have all the plans that you laid out so carefully
Fallen short of your neo-Victorian fantasy
You cling to so desperately
So look at all your hard work is coming to
Despite your effort you still can't buy security
So what is your money worth?
And maybe it's right and I should feel pain for bending the rules
But I€™m not the one who's trying to choose between fools

Back and forth the orchestra plays
But neither side is tuned to the other
Back and forth the orchestra plays
But neither side is tuned...

Pull the shutters and tighten the blindfold
Turn away anyone who doesn't fit the mold
The story goes untold
Despite the righteous beliefs that you profess
You still can't cover the stain that marks your Sunday dress
No need to confess

Back and forth the orchestra plays

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