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Easy Out
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"Easy Out" Lyrics
Artist - Crashdog
Album- 8 Years To Nowhere
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injected dreams and overgrown passions
turn unity to selfishness and physical reaction
before we understand the one the two become
wondering eyes cut the ties and leave each other numb

modern love, completely empty
spirit of the age, lust dependency
i will look to no one but you
this committment will see us through

awakened by your tears, now i see my history
moved only by fear forged in anger
to refuse and resist is our decision
break this miserable repetition


is there any link between who i am
and what i think i deserve?
what love have i ever given
worth the pain of living with me?

the easiest ways are the deadest ends
reject the pattern, fight, defend
i'm done with this lie of cheap seperation
i spit in the face of your selfish system


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