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Back to the Cross
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"Back to the Cross" Lyrics
Christian Artist - The Crucified
Album- The Crucified

you did it once
you did it twice
you've sinned again, and spit on Christ
you asked forgiveness the other day
same sin repeated, don't you get it?
you don't know how to repent
wearing grace thin, it's such a shame
no willpower, lack of loyalty
a new excuse, a dangerous game

repeated - you've sinned again
weakness - you mock God
mercy - your credit card
you can't fool God - God's not mocked

as the dog returns to its vomit
so the fool returns to his folly

will you learn from your mistakes?
will you turn from your sin?
you face the world and turn from God
that's your bag and it's so wrong
you don't know how to repent
forgiveness starts and sinning ends
when you're weak he is strong
stop excusing yourself for wrong

back to the cross
you face the world with no regard to God
get back to the cross
stop using grace to justify your sin

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The Crucified by The Crucified

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