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Calloused Lips
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"Calloused Lips" Lyrics
Christian Artist - The Deal
Album- Whos Pulling Your Strings?

So quick to sentance us
For the verdict unjust jurys hold
Never given a fair trial
You rather watch an untrue story unfold
Errenous inexact information formed against us
And youve made a pact blaming us of acquiecence
When you could inquire in the facts
Call us the weeker species cuz we dont see eye to eye

Your mouths wide open and your eyes are shut
Youve got calloused lips from talking to much
Your mouths wide open and your eyes are shut
This is our soul and its not just a crutch

And now that the scales are weighed
And you think that weve got nothin to say
The masses line up to laugh and jest
They say theyll do it there own way
Call us the weaker species cuz we
claim to have the truth

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