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Christina Fight Back
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"Christina Fight Back" Lyrics
Christian Artist - The Dingees
Album- The Crucial Conspiracy

Kicked down the doors at the broadcast station Pulled the plug on what they're saying Cos she don't like it, Christina fight it She couldn't stand to hear what they saying Wonders where they got their information She don't like it, Christina fight it Now could she be home, all alone, or by the phone Jump in the shower and all the rooms completely dark A bouncing light could catch her eye, I'd see the spark And I say whoa whoa wow She down and out in the same old situation It don't matter whats your name and your opinion She don't like it, Christina fight it She got this tactical nuclear conviction It's glowin, throwin sparks into decision She don't like it, Christina fight it Gonna learn to read or write it She's not alone but she can feel it to the bone Look in her eyes its tearin her complete apart Can't push her to it so there's no point to even start I say whoa whoa wow The upperhand which you can't stand Don't think the sun will shine for you again Don't rip yourself into shreds Don't lay yourself down in your bed cuz you ain't dead So much more that you really gotta know She fighting back now it really starts to show So much more that you really oughtta kn

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