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Worship Conspiracy
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"Worship Conspiracy" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Disciple
Album- This Might Sting A Little

they ride all around town
get me to believe what they found
they knock on my door saying Jesus is not the Lord

pray to buddha every day
put us to shame in every way
muslim fasting forty days
we can't lift our hands in praise

God deserves more than what we're giving Him

bow to piece of wood
but it won't do them any good
meditate on false light while we sit and watch the day go by

observe all traditions while we sleep late on Easter morning
they fall on their face while we just abound in grace

Worthy (Revelations 4:11; 5:12)
every knee will bow tongue confess that Jesus is Lord (Ephesians 2:10- 11)
worthy every knee will bow tongue confess that Jesus is Lord

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