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"C.F.J." Lyrics
Artist - Dont Know
Album- Coodli P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheesecake
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So how does it feel? To be using a barrowed recycled drug They told you was real The drug is the book The show The bought merchandise So when I to you it should come As most surprise Then I want them to Chorus: Shut up, shut up Zip it I'm trying to think Shut up, shut up Zip it Got to cut the tree (2x) Carpet man in a self-bray suit He's telling me cause I look like me that I, I think like you Well no thanks man Cause I think I'll do just fine Without your stale borrowed eye piece Ask yourself What is there that's mine (Chorus 2x) We'll make crazy funk within the jazzy style So listen to our mission and stick around for a while We're on the microphone but we don't need no beat Matt is a drum machine and he's rock'n the bar The trod with the id man he's on the wall A crazy wall in your face creating all the hoopa Altogether we don't know but we do know were we're gonna go I say we're writing the lyrics the way you want to hear it You rather lick it's gonna stick You'll say that you've heard of it You rather lick it's gonna stick You'll say that you've heard of it You know that you've heard of it I'll make some noise with a slapstick And it's all coming so fast (Chorus 2

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