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Cheese Whiz Craze
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"Cheese Whiz Craze" Lyrics
Artist - Dont Know
Album- Coodli P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheesecake
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Got a theory you're dancing with the cheese whiz Throwing out the sis give your hair a briz Lock it, self it, pick it, take it off the wall Eat blue fries take a conflict dance at the mall Chorus: Got a theory You're dancing with the cheese whiz (2x) You're dancing with the cheese whiz This is all of the places you can be Black spider touching no other can't compete Bend down but were starting to slack I risk you a repel of a beat attack (Chorus) Ah yeah It's time to get ready Cause we're taking about the big payback Now that the funk is an effect It's time to let you know where it's at So get ready for funk let it all hang out Cause then you should know what it's all about (Choru

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