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Celestial Completion
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"Celestial Completion" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Extol
Album- Burial

The biological struggle is coming to an end
Tears and sorrow in the eyes of the beloved

Spirit rising
Underneath a carcass
Marked by the signs of time
Floating away
Into another dimension
Travelling with the speed of light

Reaching a wonderful place
Under a deep blue sky

No fear, no pain
Just peace and harmony
Majestic music
Filling the air

Millions of colourful flowers
Covering the ground

A tall companion
In shiny white clothes beside me
A warm dazzling light makes me feel whole
As all my longings are satisfied
By the power that runs through it

I bow down to the source of the light
And I hear a vigorous voice

Well done good and faithful servant
You have been faithful with a few things
I will put you in charge of many things
Come and share your Master's happiness

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