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Safe In The Cradle
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"Safe In The Cradle" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Halo Friendlies
Album- The Halo Friendlies

how long will i go on
turning my back and closing my eyes
wishing you were here but pretending you're dead
it's not so bad here in mediocraty
no one expects much of me
but i think of you and your thoughts of me
i hurt so badly but i can't leave

you kiss me when i'm sleeping
when i have no will to wake
it's will that keeps me from you
it's a change i'll have to make

will i ever be able to do the things my heart feels for you?
am i able to stop the things i do not want to do?
i want to hold the hand that guides me and loves me
but this stubborn will has it's hold on me
misery is my cradle, i'm dying in my needs
will providence shine his face on me?

pick me up off this floor out of this mess i've made for myself
my flesh is weak but my spirit is willing
river's bridge of stones i'll fall water deep
your whirlpool love will hold me still
i'm safe in the cradle when i'm in your light
spirit come and make everything alright

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