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"M.P.G." Lyrics
Artist - Headnoise
Album- No Compromise
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Invest your money run that race greed carves deep lines in your face,
lust for more you love the taste, you can’t serve God and money,
you can’t serve God and money, you can’t serve God and money!

Count your pennies horde your cash, like a pig eat all your trash
Schools of finance, brains of mush, world hell bent on money lust
You can’t serve God and Money
Money, power, greed, and lust,
corruption lies and anti-trust, the dollar signs will make you blind

Kids will suffer nations die, global domination rise,
me and you must sever ties, tolling the lust of the eyes,
where’s you heart, there’s you love,
is your treasure sure up above who’s your God? Bow down low

You can’t serve God and
Money, power, greed, and lust,
corruption lies and antitrust the dollar signs will make you blind

Worship of insanity is what you play feeding your desires is an easy way more greed,
your problems gotten terminal its way too late,
worldly minded thinking says accept your fate more greed,
you care about as much as the money, you love the dead men printed on it (2x)
will a motto the says in God we trust your filled with corruption greed and lust
you long for destruction you live in temptation
you brought nothing in this world, take nothing out

If you don’t turn to God, you’ll be spiritually annihilated!

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