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"C" Lyrics
Artist - Jacks Of All Trades
Album- Teaser
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Blasting the radio screams alone on the floor
Drowning the silent sound of His call
Empty words flow in the darkness
Hell fire in your soul shooting out sparkles
The gates were open when the rich man died
But instead he went to the other side
And Lazarus took his place
With a loving look in His face
God looked down at you and wiped your tears
Told you the truth and eased your fears
And that one look was all it took
For the angel to close the big black book
See the money can be good but it cannot save us
What can do the trick is the son that He gave us
Forget about the troubles you`ve had in your past
The blood is the only thing that forever will last you see
What matters in your life is
Christ is born
Christ is real
Christ in me

What I have become, the Christ has done
Cristo para mi es todo lo que importa

Yeah I know it`s nice to have a car and a wife
1,5 kids and a real nice life
A job that you like and a big blue bike
When you ate lots of cake just go take a hike
Your brand new house is so big you get lost
Gotta get a new TV no matter what the cost
Send a check to the kids that live on the streets
That was good now your mind`s at ease
Now don`t get me wrong I`m not saying it`s bad
To have a nice life and never be sad
But it`s yourself that you`re fooling do you need schooling
Cos there is nothing that you have to start doing
Just take Jesus in your heart and confess with your mouth
That you need His help to get out
Of this rats race that you`re running
Cos eternity of pain ain`t something you`re wanting

What I have become, the Christ has done
Cristo para mi es todo lo que importa

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