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Child Missing
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"Child Missing" Lyrics
Artist - Jacks Of All Trades
Album- Superior
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You keep me running through the alley of the lonely
I see your face and I wish that I only
Could've made you understand
I got no ace, got no kings in this hand
Nowadays I've been trapped in a cage
All my eagerness stolen away
Cause you swore that you'd never apart
But now that you're gone I've been torn from the heart
So hear me

I can't believe what you are doing to me
I can't believe that you are leaving me
I watch how you're now taking off for good
It breaks my head I hate to act like I should

People try, people fight, people stay strong
But I can't cause I can't seem to shake of
The picture of you lying in my arms
The tears in my eyes when I knew that you're gone
Oh yes I know, now you're in a better place
But it's me, it seems like I've lost a race
Cause you swore that you'd never apart
But now that you're gone I've been torn from the heart
So hear me

Words can't express the way I feel
It's hard to believe this is how it ends
Still I wake up with a picture of you
And it's still so hard to accept it
If there's a light at the end of the tunnel
Well, I just can't see it

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