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D# World Gimme N
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"D# World Gimme N" Lyrics
Artist - Jacks Of All Trades
Album- R U Ready?
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Me against the world is the way I`m gonna live
Many lies I`ve heard they got nothing to give
They told me to close my eyes and look at all the stars
Well all I see is darkness cos the light`s too far
They`ve been playing me like a game of chess
Just a shot away from my final rest
It`s time to stop playing with the dirt
Cos they got nothing to give oh haven`t you heard

D# world gimme nothing - no nothing now
D# world gimme nothing - no way now
D# world gimme nothing - no nothing now
D# world gimme nothing - my God....

Sick and tired of running from funeral to funeral
Cos somebody tried to stand up for what is right
The streets are covered with pimps and whores
Everyday I see more and more Capones
Send to jail cells burning flesh smells
As more and more bodies are being sent through hell`s gates
If all I will do is sit back and relax
Then one day I`ll be paying an expensive tax yo

D# world gives me none

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