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"Changes" Lyrics
Artist - Mike Stand
Album- Simple Expression
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Words and Music by Mike Stand

Turning out past emotions
Any flame that singed my heart to woe
Sometimes you've gotta let go
Ashes fill the sky with thunder
Insecurity fights a mind that let's me know
When it's time to let go

Oh somtimes you've gotta let go
In our weakest hour remember after all
Changes make us walk
Changes make us crawl

Hand over hand I walk a tightrope
Holding myself just inches from the floor
It's time to let go
Every tear held in wonder
At all the promises faith to me that God wil hold
When I let go


I found a place I sing a song pf retrospect
That keeps my spirit high
In every word I scream and line I write
There's a need to express inside
Simple expressions never die
Extensions of myself
Changes hold the key
To open every room I need

Turning out any regress
Inch by inch I take my place in time
It's time to let go
Ashes fill the sky with thunder
My security faces rhymes I've come to know
When I let go


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