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Can You Feel It
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"Can You Feel It" Lyrics
Artist - Metanoia
Album- Dont Walk Dead
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You came into my life and set me free
You died for me on Calvary
Allowed yourself to be beaten and torn
So that we could be re-born

Can you feel it

Three days in the grave then you rose
Your victory is mine now you've made me whole
You left the scene soon to return
And all the baddies must turn or burn

Can you try to understand the sacrifice He made
He bore our sins a price that had to be paid
A reality in my life a fact of history
Once I was blind now through Jesus I can see

Now I try to live my life according to his word
And listen to his Spirit freely given to me
Your heart is a door open to the knock you hear
There is no better way to be a slave than to be free

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