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The Dawning of this Night Divine
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"The Dawning of this Night Divine" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Ninety Pound Wuss
Album- Hierarchy of Snakes

Victory draws closer
As death comes in around me
The cracks in your face reveal
Everything I thought was true
The lies of me and you
The song quickens pace
The race of time taking effect
This love's a hole infecting virus
With lack of commitment
And true confession
It's my fault as much as it's yours
And there's blood covering me
Only so I can see through it
Just enough to forgive you
Death is all around, I feel it in the air
I hear the song and take the pain
Let's skip the part about you and me fighting
By the ocean
Wondering what to do
Let's just pretend
I never meant to hurt you
Wish I never felt this way
Tell me how love's supposed to be
And why you've been here
The fire's out tonight, the coal is gone
Your decision affecting the fall
The leaves are dead and so are we
Winter in my heart, darkness in my mind
Winter in my heart all the time
This is when you say life hurts
Make the pain go away
You open the door, step out on the grass
Become a silhouette in the moonlight
You light a spark in my heart and my mind
Walk to the edge of the cliff
Staring at the stars and the ocean

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