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"I" Lyrics
Artist - Paramaecium
Album- Echoes From The Ground
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I have life, I have time, I
I have life, I have time, I

I stood inside the cave by the mound of the Skull
Examined that which was interred
The bones in this grave were human and whole
My mind held doubts but my hands were undeterred

I have time, I
I have life, I have time, I

The bones smooth and white had lain within the earth
As aeons passed overhead
I brought them to the sunlight to view them with more care
The years that passed, well, they were kind towards their dead

I have life, I
I have time, I have life, I

And as I pulled the bones one by one from the torn burial cloth
I wondered to myself Did he truly rise from the dead
Or could these bones that I hold in my trembling hands
Be all that remains of Christ?

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