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Candlelight Girl
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"Candlelight Girl" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Paul Colman
Album- The Band Thing

She's a candlelight girl you can set her aflame With a word from your tongue offering praise And she's close to me her love I put on Like a chain on my neck She's close to Mary Jesus is there But they don't talk about Him till the end of the prayer And she comes to me to question my faith But I just tell her... And I love to love her and get in her mind And though she doesn't know it she challenges mine And men often take her and promise her love But where are the now? C-A-N-D-L-E-L-I-G-H-T (she sits by) She's as frail as a promise and harder than pride Though strong is her answer her fear she can't hide She's as faithful as anger and sweeter than beer But she won't let me near C-A-N-D-L-E-L-I-G-H-T (she sits by) She's a candlelight girl you can set her afl

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