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I Am Available
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"I Am Available" Lyrics
Artist - Petra
Album- This Means War!
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I don't have much to offer you, I don't have much to give
There's so much I may never be as long as I may live
I may never be all I want to be although I'll always try
But if you choose me, to use me, there's just one reason why

I am available, I am available
I will go when you say go
I am available, I am available
I will stop when you say no
My whole life was incomplete till I laid it at Your feet
So use me as You will
I am available

I'm not the most dependable - sometimes you can't rely
There's no excuse, there's no defense, there's only one reply

I know that my ability is not Your main concern
It's my availability and willingness to learn

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